The Legends Program is for those athletes who are typically 65 and over. We’ve listened to what this age group is saying and we’ve designed a program from top to bottom with their needs and wants being our driving force.

Although Functional Fitness is designed to accommodate any athlete of any age and any fitness level, the feedback that the community has received shows that athletes who are 65+ appreciate a few changes made to the typical Functional Fitness class. Here are a few examples of the changes we’ve made here.

Smaller class size Workouts which are designed for an athlete who is 65 and over Lighter, brighter space Graduating sizes of equipment to accommodate joints with more miles Music is at a low level so you can hear instruction More time allotted for Warm-Up at the beginning and Stretching at the end of the class Coaches who are educated on Masters and Legends level Functional Fitness athletes A community of similar aged athletes within the class.

As with all of our Functional Fitness classes, our basics are the same – Constantly Varied, Functional Fitness, performed at High Intensity. (high intensity being relative) The point is, we all benefit from staying FUNCTIONAL – LONGER. Being able to lift the dog food bag, step up onto a higher step, get ourselves back up after being on the ground/floor, getting in and out of a seated position without assistance.

These are all struggles as we age…but we can surely minimize them, or at least stave them off as long as possible. No matter what age you are – 65 or 105, we can help. Give yourself that opportunity.

As we’ve said many times, TRULY, Anyone can CrossFit.

*If you are 65+ and are interested in learning more, schedule a one-on-one sit-down in our facility with owner Josh Gilliam. Call (909) 446-0644 to schedule it today!