Body composition testing can be used to gauge overall health, benchmark yourself for a before and after, or just get a sense of where you are on your overall fitness journey.


Functional Fitness Power has partnered up with BodyMetrx which uses state-of-the-art equipment to accurately measure fat thickness and calculate body fat percentage and weight distribution. BodyMetrix uses the same professional-grade technology used by elite athletes and trainers. Their advanced software allows for accurate calculation of lean mass and fat mass of an individual without the discomfort of pinching, x-rays, electrical currents or submersion.

We offer body composition testing to our members and non-members alike. Our system can be used alone for the sole purpose of assessing body fat percentage and lean muscle mass percentage, or can be used in conjunction with our Nutritional Education to track and view actual fat loss and muscle gain over time.

To make an appointment with BodyMetrx please contact them @